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PS Sam Dunlop and PC Matt Dunlop
proven liars, law manipulators, law evaders, paid for by you!

PS Sam Dunlop does not meet the minimum standards required of a police officer.

PS Dunlop exposed in the PSD letter below.

Please don't shoot the messenger, its not just me that claims that PS Sam Dunlop does not meet the minimum standards, its the Professional Standards Department, and they should know!

I have several times referred to the fact that Police Sergeant Sam (Samantha) Dunlop does not meet the minimum standards required of a police officer!

In fact I have always been careful to let people know that its actually the Professional Standards Department that say this – as do I obviously.

To be fair to readers and to leave them in no doubt as to the validity of my claim (and no doubt the non-validity of Sam Dunlop's claims – i.e. more lies) I publish below the relevant letter from the PSD to me and my partner in response to our complaint to the IPCC and PSD of ongoing harassment, defamation of character and perjury.

You can read the letter below, and I'll will translate the main points from it into plain English for you. PSD extracts from the letter:

PS Sam Dunlop exposed as a bully.

PSD: ‘I have concluded that PS Dunlop in this case did fall below the required standard with regards to being ‘over zealous’ in her contacts with PC Hurd’

Translation: Sam Dunlop bullied the arresting officer, PC Hurd, being a lower rank than her, to such an extent that the PC had to go and call for help to her Inspector manager. PS Sam Dunlop tried to pervert the course of justice by providing instructions and harassing the PC on the run up to and immediately before the court case. No surprise to us – she’s a professional at harassment, we're not surprised she is also a bully to her colleagues.

PS Sam Dunlop exposed as a liar.

PSD: ‘and by incorrectly stating that Mr. Evans received a warning letter from the Royal Mail, as outlined in the officers report’

Translation: PS Sam Dunlop lied about me having an altercation with our postman, Sam Dunlop lied to the Police (for the Crown Prosecution Service being the eventual readers of the claims within her lie packed prosecution witness statement) that I, Stan Evans, had received a warning letter from the Royal Mail about this incident that never happened!

Easy summary this one – PS Sam Dunlop is an outright, clear and simple, no questions asked, no element of doubt or confusion, professional and repetitive damned liar!

It's there in her own hand in her prosecution witness statement published elsewhere on this website, and it's there in factual evidence when the PSD investigated her claims and immediately found them to be lies. This, I keep repeating, is under a signed statement of truth, which makes her liable to prosecution and arrest.

PS Sam Dunlop is not fit for purpose but still employed – by us!

PSD: ‘I can confirm that PS Dunlop will receive Operational Advice regarding her supervisory responsibilities and the factual inaccuracy of her reporting’

Translation: Operational Advice ‘we will give her a little pathetic telling off regarding the fact that she should be more responsible being a Sergeant (at that time a Training Inspector)’

Translation: Inaccuracy of her reporting means ‘she’s a damn liar even in legal documents, before court (in a prosecution witness statement), in court (she repeats the lies and makes up more), and after court (when she and her husband, PC Matt Dunlop, concoct even more stories and try and wriggle out of Police and PSD questioning – and this is before they openly commit a separate crime and provide a no-comment interview when formerly asked to answer questions)

Doesn't understand the difference between fact and fiction, the truth or a lie, what the heck are Hampshire Constabulary doing here?

Unbelievable isn’t it. PS Sam Dunlop wouldn’t know fact from fiction or truth from dishonesty even if the definitions were tattooed on her backside. A woman in a position of power being able to lie and get someone into court then lie to try and condemn them in court. Why are Hampshire Constabulary protecting rubbish like this?

PS Sam Dunlop – can never be a credible witness, so how can she be employed as a functioning police officer?

Dear reader, you obviously know that if Sam Dunlop is ever in a position to give evidence against you in court you simply print out the letter below and other information from this website – this is presented via your solicitor who can then demonstrate that PS Sam Dunlop is a non credible witness! Magistrates and judges cannot take evidence provided by such as person as truth. She is therefore not fit for purpose.

So how about that, we have a Police officer, still a sergeant rank, of whom it can be demonstrated in court is not a credible witness! I think you can see my claim (I can only make claims based on the evidence before me) that PS Sam Dunlop is not fit for purpose (again, in plain English, she should be thrown out of the Police). Why are taxpayers paying her wages, why is Chief Constable Alex Marshall and his managers still employing this woman?

Sam Dunlop – a failure as an officer, a failure as a person.

So lets look at this, its not complicated :

Sam Dunlop – proven liar.

Sam Dunlop – failed corrupt policewoman.

Sam Dunlop – not fit for purpose.

And as for any counter-claims? I cannot be accused of defamation or libel, I cannot be accused of harassment, twisting the truth or telling lies. I have the reports and evidence, so do the PSD. I have witnesses. We all have evidence to prove my claims. And since the PSD made their investigations and exposed PS Sam Dunlop for what she is, she has continued to act in strange and dishonest ways. Its all so irrefutable its embarrassing.

What’s not to understand?

Why hasn't PS Sam Dunlop been arrested?

I am no legal expert but isn’t telling lies to generate a court prosecution, to influence court officials and personally trying to manage a case to her satisfaction by lying and creating false stories in fact perjury? A crime that has an associated sentence of 8 years in prison. I am really confused as to why the Police have not arrested PS Sam Dunlop and taken proceedings against her as their friends in the PSD can so easily provide them with the evidence they need to pass the Crown Prosecution Services 51% probability of conviction rule.

This woman and her equally dishonest husband, PC Matt Dunlop, are freely even now harassing my family and I when at least one or probably both should prosecuted or locked up! The PSD and the Police effectively do nothing. Why?

PS Sam Dunlop is a total failure and carries no credibility as a policewoman or as a normal decent person. And as for the pathetic management of the Hampshire Constabulary? It seems failed public servants are protected by protective practices, if the core 'qualification' of being a policeman or woman is honesty then this officer would have been fired years ago. I don't think she'd have lasted five minutes in any of my companies, I'd have personally walked her to the car-park.

Anyway, enough of me, lets hand it over to the PSD in the letter below, obviously they don't call a spade a spade as we do (I can actually understand their dilemma having to explain to the public the embarrassment that is PS Dunlop), but its still blunt enough for us all to understand. The only one that doesn't understand is PS Sam Dunlop herself.

PS Dunlop exposed liar

PS Dunlop exposed liar