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PS Sam Dunlop and PC Matt Dunlop back under investigation by the PSD. 14th May 2011 

As regular readers will know a crime was committed at the Dunlop’s property which they responded to with a no-comment interview when they were requested to provide a formal interview. The Professional Standards Department tried to support the Dunlop’s attempt at hiding behind a technicality of the law (strange for a department that is supposed to ensure professional standards within the police isn’t it!), the PSD also tried to state that the Dunlop’s actions did not bring Hampshire Constabulary into disrepute.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission totally disagreed with the PSD!

We also sent in an appeal when the PSD produced a report to reflect their feelings.

The IPCC this week have sent us a fully detailed report partially supporting our appeal.

The case has now been handed back to the PSD for re-investigation. The most important elements and many additional questions by the IPCC have not been answered by the Dunlop’s or the PSD.

PS Sam Dunlop and PC Matt Dunlop are now back under re-investigation by the Professional Standards Department!

As much as I'd like to publish the IPCC's very detailed report (as is generally the policy of this website – let the people see, let the people decide!) I will not at this time (I will later) as I have absolutely no intention of revealing to the Dunlop’s all the points on which they are being investigated. I know from previous experience they will only concoct a whole list of lies to try and hide from the law they themselves are still unbelievably employed to uphold.

PS Sam Dunlop and PC Matt Dunlop running with no place to hide with the PSD in protective-practice denial.

Will sheer embarrassment finally encourage one of the Dunlop’s superiors or someone in the PSD to take some action rather than generate more fancy words to try and protect these corrupt officers?

 PS Sam Dunlop, exposed liar and a bully of a Police colleague. 6th May 2011

The summary letter of the PSD investigation showing that the PSD agree PS Dunlop doesn't meet the minimum standards required of a police officer. Their investigation revealed she is a liar and a bully. New page added here, PS Sam Dunlop does not meet minimum standards.

 New Website Launched, new name, easier searching, easier updates, more news. 1st May 2011

We re-launch on a new server with a new name with improved web services, better search engine optimisation, better content with easy and faster website updates. The bottom line for non-geeks is better service to our supporters and public who are as interested and concerned as we are concerning corrupt Police officers serving within Hampshire Constabulary. Welcome to our new look and new appropriate website address.

 Sam Dunlop, back to being a sergeant again! 8th March 2011

Sam Dunlop – demoted back to Sergeant?

So Sam’s going around telling people she’s a sergeant now due to the cutbacks! We love her stories. It’s nothing to do with the fact that she's been in the IPCC and PSD in-tray for over two years or that she failed her review board, or that her managers are bored of giving her operational advice, or that the PSD state she does not meet the minimum standards required then?

So what’s her new career direction now? PC then out? The sooner the better! 2800 police staff losing their jobs and half of those will be good hard working honest coppers and Sam Dunlop and her corrupt PC husband Matt Dunlop are still there. Still, they redefine the word ‘justice’ don’t they, so no surprise there. (protected under the definition of ‘servants of the crown', any other job and they'd be OUT!)   Coming soon – Matt Dunlop’s lie-packed witness statement plus actual telephone transcripts of incidents showing how the Dunlop’s don’t know how to behave as neighbours, landlords, or police officers.    

 The PSD investigate the Dunlop's, innocent people will be removed from the national DNA database. 9th February 2011

The Professional Standards Department, under instruction from the Independent Police Complaints Commission have informed us they are assigning an officer to investigate the proven illegal activities of the Dunlop’s. The PSD attempted to avoid action or prosecution earlier by refusing to record our complaints, they were overturned by the IPCC so we don’t expect much from the PSD. But we do have our next steps planned already should they yet again refuse to act.   The website popularity is going through the roof. Unique visitors per day range regularly between 10 and 60. Mentions on other websites too. Selected search terms have now risen from position #5 and #7 in Google to position #3, and wait for it, position #1 ! Finding your way back to this website it may be easier for you by typing ‘corrupt Police in Soberton’ into your search engine, we actually come up at positions #1 and #2 in Google and position #1 in Bing on that one. It seems website popularity keeps the googlebots happy.  

I just received a letter from the House of Commons, from an MP who has been looking at this case for us. She wanted me to know that the coalition will have innocent peoples DNA removed from early next year. Excellent, that will be 1.1 million innocent people rejoicing with me, we gradually overturn the Police state. Alex Marshall, chief constable of Hampshire Constabulary has failed to act, putting cover-up of his failed officers before doing the right thing. Good to see as chief constables are unable or incapable of making the right decisions that it wont be their decision to make in the future! If the Police had managed OUR data in the correct manner, as they have in Scotland, then we, the people, wouldn’t have to get the law changed in order to manage the Police. It’s the likes of Alex Marshall and politicians who did not obey the decisions of the European Court who are directly to blame. DNA can be used for the good if everyone was on the database, but the way things are managed now it becomes a case of abuse of civil liberties and criminalises innocent people rather than simply act as an aid to solving crime. This is a shame, but again, the Police and those politicians disobeying European legal rulings are to blame. In cases like ours, removal of 'innocent DNA' would possibly be seen as an admission of guilt of the prosecuting system and those providing prosecution witness statements full of provable lies. But protecting failed officers like Sam Dunlop and Matt Dunlop ultimately has impact as the highest levels. Maybe senior Police management need to think about that.   

 Dunlop's make outrageous revenge claims. 11th January 2011

There is a very serious accusation made by Sam Dunlop at the end of her prosecution witness statement that I didn’t address in my first response to her five pages of fantasy. But upon reflecting upon how important her claim or insinuation is I have to respond and update the webpage, which I have done here Sam Dunlop liar   Sam Dunlop writes in her statement: I feel that Matt and I are victimised by Sue and Stan due to the fact we are serving Police officers, everything that doesn’t go their way they take out on us and seek revenge.   This is an interesting persecution statement that we are totally bemused by. First I’d like to know about anything (never mind an insinuated list of things) that hasn’t gone our way, then second Id like to know how we have in fact seeked revenge! Because the way I read that part of the statement from Sam Dunlop is that my partner and I have at some point threatened them! Id really like clarification of that if Sam Dunlop is insinuating or claiming actual seeking of revenge, because that can only be interpreted, by the CPS (as she intended) but also by me and my legal team (for future reference) as my partner and I making threats of revenge for a fictitious thing (that she doesn’t detail – why is that? I can detail her actions!). Insinuating and stating that either I or my partner is or has been making a revenge threat towards a Police officer is a very serious accusation Sam! I hope you can stand by that claim at the appropriate time with some facts and evidence to hand. Because we both know it isn’t true don’t we! You are an outrageous and dangerous liar and have clearly made an untrue statement that my partner and I have threatened a member of the police! That is how the CPS may have read it and how I do read that, and how my legal representatives will read this. In my strong opinion, a serving officer with such quick and loose poor command of the English language (unless this is written with intent – then its even worse) should never be allowed to make a statement about any member of the public or be allowed to interpret and summarise a public statement (this is what officers do before the CPS get to read about the incident for the first time), and if Sam Dunlop is totally unfit to make or interpret statements, then what is she doing in the Hampshire Constabulary? Due to Sam Dunlop’s lies plus use and manipulation of the English language it seems very clear to me that Sam Dunlop as a serving policewoman is unfit for purpose.  

 Sam Dunlop's pack of lies exposed. 6th January 2011

This is Sam Dunlop’s prosecution (and persecution!) witness statement where she makes repeated and varied false claims in order to impress the CPS and the Police to make an arrest then gain a conviction. I publish her slanderous document together with my response to most of the main points raised in it. Sam Dunlop creates this massive multi-page set of lies signed under the legal statement of truth! As such she should be dealt with appropriately by the authorities, for her lies are both serious and provably false. There is no middle ground. This is the document that convicts TI Sam Dunlop in her own writing. New page added … Sam Dunlop liar  

 IPCC uphold our complaints. 24th December 2010

Today we received a letter from the IPCC following our complaint that the PSD refused to record the Dunlop’s crime regarding the illegal slaughter of sheep on their premises. The IPCC have UPHELD our complaint! From the IPCC report; ‘the PSD stated this was not a crime or a Police matter’ the IPCC point out ‘this is incorrect since a crime was proven to have been committed under the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2000, as well as other European Regulations which govern the slaughter and preparation of animals for consumption by the public’ The IPCC go on to explain to the PSD how this is a Police matter due to perception by the public plus potential of bringing the force into disrepute! The Independent Police Complaints Commission are now forcing the PSD to investigate as the IPCC state (details to be published here later) that illegal activities did indeed take place on the Dunlop’s premises and the Dunlop’s did refuse to take an interview under caution when requested. My View: The Dunlop’s should have been arrested and treated like any other member of the public, its about time the PSD stopped protecting these people, they aren’t cops, they’re criminals! You arrested and charged me with no evidence! You let the Dunlop’s off when there is hard evidence! Why? My family, friends, and the wider public would like to know. I can only hope that this time the PSD take ACTION other than issue more pathetic words of advice. If the Dunlop’s are morally capable of withholding evidence that would convict themselves then how do they treat evidence that could convict other people? Its very important that members of the Constabulary are removed when they have demonstrated their ability to manipulate the legal system and lack the basic morals to do the job.  

 Dunlop's lie to achieve prosecution, overview published. 21st December 2010

The Dunlop’s lie to achieve prosecution, full overview of the initial case can be found here, all of the prosecution witness statements and other facts will be added in this section soon. This is a story about how two, still serving, officers with the Hampshire Constabulary, lied before, during, and after a court case. About how the Professional Standards Department are aware of their behaviour and only give operational advice! A totally inadequate 'punishment' to what are criminals serving as officers. new page added ... Dunlop's lie to achieve prosecution   'Contact Us' page with helpful and interesting links to related websites new page added ... Contact Us  

 The Dunlop's evade the law, the PSD do nothing. 16th December 2010

The Dunlop's evade the law - the PSD do nothing. new page added ... Dunlops evade the law  

 The Police come and say hello. 15th December 2010

Today I received a visit from our local PC and Sergeant to let me know that its possible I could be accused of harassment if I continue to remind the Dunlop’s and tell their associates the truth. I let our local Police friends know that yes I did tell them and others the truth and yes I will continue to do so! But I did not and will never harass anyone. (that’s a Dunlop speciality I cant compete with) So thanks for the warning, much appreciated. Maybe the Dunlop’s are afraid of the truth? I’m not! As I said to the Police today, they (the Dunlop’s) have a choice if they don’t like it. They can do the decent thing, i.e. resign from the Police and/or leave the village. Or we go to court and decide it there. I welcome any or all. Either way, I will never ever stop or be prevented from broadcasting the truth to all and reminding the Dunlop’s of it.    

They deem him their worst enemy who tells them the truth. Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.