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PS Sam Dunlop and PC Matt Dunlop
proven liars, law manipulators, law evaders, paid for by you!

Sam Dunlop is a proven liar.

This is TI Sam Dunlop’s prosecution witness statement relating to the incident where her tenants horse broke through our garden fence and attacked and killed ours. The Dunlop’s as landlords were partly responsible. They created a set of lies and Sam Dunlop influenced her tenants to say I (Stan Evans) committed 4a and 5 public order offences (attacking a person and a horse). She created this prosecution witness statement in order to get me (Stan Evans) charged then convicted. It is a statement of fantasy, lies and bitterness. This was exposed in court, I expose it here.

I apologise in advance for the details on this page, but Sam Dunlop’s statement (a statement created as a civilian but also as a serving police officer) is packed so full of lies that were told well enough to help generate a court case, that I am forced to dismantle and respond to each and every one of them. We are dealing with the massively serious issue of a serving policewoman manipulating the system in order to gain a conviction for her own personal means. This is not a case of an officer twisting the truth or telling one lie, this is a document of extensive and perpetual lies.  

You need to read this in parallel to knowing Sam Dunlop continually contacted PC Elley Hurd (an arresting officer who had to turn to her boss to prevent Sam Dunlop doing this) and has since been warned about the inaccuracy of her reporting and her overzealous behaviour. She has had operational advice from the constabulary and the PSD state that she fails to meet the minimum standards required of an officer. When you’ve read her statement with my responses then hopefully you’ll understand why. What we don’t understand is why this serving officer is effectively still stealing the tax payer’s money in the employment of Hampshire Constabulary.  


You can clearly see that even though she’s employed as a policewoman most of her prosecution statement is a simple unfounded character assassination designed to influence the Crown Prosecution Service to make charges.

This witness statement doesn’t really contain much in the way of information about any of the incidents, and what is does is made up fantasy. It’s easy to see why – she wasn’t there!

Yet she manages to provide multiple pages of opinion and lies. In court the procedure is that all witnesses (defence and prosecution) provide verbal evidence and their recallation of events from memory. Sam Dunlop (then a Sergeant and now a Training Inspector) couldn’t manage this, she had to refer to her police pocket note book three times, the third time she was reminded that she should be giving evidence from memory not from notes! But it’s again simple to see why she had to refer to her notes; she lied before court and had to repeat those lies in court. The problem is she couldn’t do it because she’s not got a good memory and she’s not very intelligent.

If you, as a defendant, are ever called to go to court, and if you plead ‘not guilty’ then the prosecution (the CPS) has to disclose the evidence it has against you in order for you and your legal team to prepare a defence. We obtained all the prosecution witness statements (the only so called evidence against us, words of people) before we went to court. When I obtained Sam and Matt Dunlop’s statements I didn’t know whether to laugh of cry, it's such an hilarious concoction of fantasy. Sam Dunlop’s statement (as you will see below) also appears to have been written (badly! … the spelling and grammar wouldn’t rate a secondary school pass) by a ranting raving twelve year old with a massive chip on each shoulder. I am amazed that the CPS can give credence to such low end written trash. But they did (it only embarrassed the CPS in court having to repeat some of this rubbish and have it easily dismantled and shot down) and it was certainly very easy for me to dismantle it prior to court. As I have said to my barrister and the CPS and the Police, plus impressed upon the two initial investigating officers DI Scott Clarke and Keith Ward. It’s very difficult for me to get past five continuous sentences in Sam Dunlop’s fantasy without finding a glaring lie. She is so incredibly stupid that these lies can also be proven. So here it is, Sam Dunlop’s prosecution witness statement, a written travesty of the English language peppered full of lies, bitterness and nastiness. I have discussed with senior police and PSD the possibility and probability that TI Sam Dunlop suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and I believe that also comes out in this statement. This statement tells you all you need to know about the very small, incredibly stupid and bitter individual that is Sam Dunlop. It would be totally hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact that she is still, this day employed by Hampshire Constabulary.

This is a summary of her lies and fantasy

I have pages of backup information and data which may be produced when required to backup my statements. But I'm sure you can read most of it yourself in her statement published at the bottom of this page.

In this statement.

Sam Dunlop a corrupt Training Inspector serving with the Police, Hampshire Constabulary…

  Signed the statement of truth - but provably does not write or tell the truth! 

Has signed the ‘statement of truth’, this is the legal paragraph at the top of a statement you can see with signature. It states ‘is true to the best of my knowledge and I make it knowing that if tendered in evidence, I shall be liable to prosecution if I have wilfully stated in it, anything which I know to be false, or do not believe to be true’

Well Sam Dunlop, as can be clearly seen by my following statements and breakdown of your prosecution witness statement, plus all the background information, facts and evidence I have to backup my statements below that I have not even published, you should be arrested immediately - you are by your own hand liable to prosecution on multiple points. You are a corrupt serving police officer; you should also be liable for multiple internal disciplinary actions also. You are the worst sort of criminal, one that pertains to uphold the law and is not morally qualified to do so. You prove this in your own writing for all to see here in your prosecution witness statement.

 Focuses on character assassination, for good reason - she wasn't even there!

Focuses her statement on character assassination rather than refer to the incident. No doubt to influence the PCS to prosecute.

 Cannot provide facts about the incident but rants on for pages of statement.

Does not provide any facts related to the incident. But plenty of opinion.

 Makes unfounded false malicious statements.

Made a statement that Sue (my partner) has always been anti Police. This is a total lie, there is no evidence for this, I have friends in the Police, a friend of both Sue and I is in fact a serving senior police officer! This was written for the CPS. Why? Sam Dunlop first of many blatant lies in this statement.

 Makes unqualified malicious statements.

Sam Dunlop makes false statements about Sue being overprotective and Stan being over the top particularly towards our boys. Well done Sam Dunlop, you don’t have children! Are you ‘qualified’ to comment? You seem to be the expert on everything! We have  two sons who gained admission to college and university and have great college reports throughout, I happily say your statement is false unfounded trash made by someone with a broken family background (yes I have details of that – want me to publish it?) with no children, no family! If we are looking for character assassination statements I think we can all see the person assassinated by your words is you!

 Makes lies based on total fantasy and even places lies into the mouths of neighbours.

Made a false statement saying her husband (PC Matt Dunlop) caught our children damaging an elderly neighbour’s property and breaking into her shed! Total lie. Matt Dunlop did not catch our children in a shed, it was two other children. Those children were also accused of criminal damage by Matt Dunlop, again he got it wrong, the owner of some vegetables that were claimed to have been damaged were later said to have been cut by an adult housekeeping friend of that same elderly neighbour. Sam Dunlop falsifies a total mess of private investigation by her useless husband, why? To impress upon the CPS that we are bad neighbours who should be arrested. Total character assassination lies made by a then Sergeant and now Training Inspector who knows how the system works and knows what the CPS look for in order to take a case to court. (that is does pass the 51% probability rating of gaining a conviction if taken to court). Sam Dunlop, liar and manipulator of the system. Sam Dunlop, a total liar again. By making such false statements you not only bring the Constabulary into disrepute you have by manipulation effectively brought the Crown Prosecution Service into disrepute, for they are taking at face value your lies and end up taking a case to court which should never have gone there.

 Makes unqualified statements insulting people with mental health problems everywhere.

Made references to my partner being unbalanced because her mother has mental problems. From her statement ‘I am aware that Sues mother has been sectioned in the past and Sues behaviour is strange and unpredictable at the best of times making me concerned that she may be mentally unwell’

It's true Sue let Sam know many years ago that her mother had a nervous breakdown decades ago (due to a family bereavement), now we have to all ask ourselves why you refer to this and try and relate it to Sue in a witness statement about a horse death and section 4a and 5 public order offences.

Now read this carefully Samantha, first, you are not qualified to make medical statements (I also challenge your qualifications to be in the Police), second, mental illness isn’t contagious. … I think your statements about mental health tell us everything we need to know about you Sam, you are independent from being a totally inadequate Policewoman and a proven perpetual liar and fantasist, you are an absolutely worthless person! (go and contact the Mind charity and you may learn something about mental health and yourself). I can’t repeat here on a public website what people have said about Sam Dunlop after reading this part of her statement. For myself on behalf of Sue, her mother and anyone who has suffered mental illness or a breakdown I can only fight, without apology, to get such low end trash like Sam Dunlop removed from a public servant position of power within the Police. I am openly shocked, saddened and angry that anyone would write such a thing, but to write it as part of a statement designed to socially condemn someone totally unrelated to the incident being commentated on just leaves me and everyone else speechless. Chief Constable Alex Marshall, this is one of your employees’, what do you think?

 Lies even when we can produce police reports and neighbour letters to prove otherwise.

Sam Dunlop also turns the following story 180 degrees around to suit her character assassination (don’t forget – this written under the statement of truth). Sam Dunlop states that I was unhappy regarding the a neighbour shooting in his garden and was threatening towards him, she states she kept me under observation, she states that  neighbour David Erskine contact the police and Stan was warned about his behaviour.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, Sam Dunlop.

It was me that contacted the police because David Erskine shot his shotgun from his garden, the shot from the gun landed on my children and a neighbours children (himself a policeman friend of ours!) playing in our garden. I complained to the police (yes me not Mr Erskine) and Mr Erskine was spoken to by the police from the gun control department in Winchester (yes, Sam, Mr Erskine was spoken to , not me!). I have the emails between me and the police, the incident numbers, the report and a letter from David Erskine (who was decent enough to write me a letter and has not shot his gun to my knowledge in a dangerous manner since). You Sam Dunlop even used a neighbour friend , unknowing to him, to substantiate your character assassination pack of lies. We, and now all our neighbours, will wonder just how low you will go. And the CPS reading this will be asking themselves if they should in future take an officers word as the truth. You have therefore just done a massive disservice to the majority of honest serving cops. Sam Dunlop did all this under the statement of truth, I have the incident records showing she twisted everything in those reports – she should be charged immediately! … for perjury!

 Tells more lies about my partner and neighbours.

Again a nice story by Sam Dunlop about Sue having an altercation with her friend Joan, Sue in fact dealt with the incident via the telephone company who informed Joan and the Dunlop’s that a telegraph pole would have to be erected on a roadside near their house, which they objected to. Another twisted story of no relevance to the public disorder incidents at hand, but told and twisted to influence the CPS! Sam Dunlop lives in a fantasy world and is doing anything she can to character assassinate my family and I because she doesn’t have any facts of use to help the police charge any member of my family.

 Shows total ignorance of the law she is employed to uphold.

Refers to our inadequate fencing. Sam Dunlop (a policewoman?) doesn’t know the law. It’s up to them, as they wanted to rent their land behind our house to horse owner, not us to fence our land adequately. In fact we don’t need any fencing at all! This was explained by barrister to her husband Matt Dunlop in court when he complained about the same issue. (it is their responsibility to keep their dangerous animals in not our responsibility to keep them out!)

  Makes pathetic attempts to blame her lack of responsibility on others.

Again Sam Dunlop tried to make everything everyone else’s problem and not her own. Even in court her husband Matt Dunlop was arguing with legal professionals about responsibility of fencing. This is the Dunlop’s, uneducated yet willing to put legally irrelevant or false information in a witness statement for consumption by the CPS and Police.

 Lies about her location at the time of incidents.

Lies about her location at the time of the incidents. Multiple times makes claims of witnessing incidents but nobody see’s her! Lets not let the facts get in the way of a good story Sam!

 Tries to change history to suit her stories. 

Lies about activities prior to the incident in order to defend herself against accusations of neglect.

 Demonstrates her irresponsibility then tries to evade blame by shifting it onto others.

Made references to renting their field to Sandra Priestman (formerly Sandra McGuire) and Rory Ballard but didn’t have a rental agreement to ascertain if it was the Dunlop’s, McGuire or Ballard that was responsible for their poor fencing which was ultimately responsible for the death of our horse and subsequent arrests made to cover up the real guilty parties.

 Fails in her basic duties as an officer from the first minute.

Admitted that she was contacted by us via the police switchboard and admitted that she did nothing (its interesting and related that Matt Dunlop, on his supposed lunch break, later when attending the scene didn’t come to us as we requested but to their tenants!)

 Exaggerates in court when her story is not believed.

Repeated ridiculous false claims made by Rory Ballard that I threatened him and threatened to kill his horses (if you check out the time of Sam Dunlop and Rory Ballard's statements you can easily see they had hours to talk and come up with this one).

 Lies about the facts of the case even when they are recorded by the Police. 

Makes reference to her (Sam Dunlop) contacting the local Police Inspector, when in fact it was me that did. We also spoke at length the evening of the incident with PC Anne Stevens; we were the ones that contacted the Police first at every stage! (In fact I was expecting to meet Inspector Peglar on the morning of the following day, but was instead arrested!) To the Dunlop's legal team; we have legal records and times of all our calls to all parties if you want to compare them to your clients claims. The first calls were even played in court to the judges - they were our calls!

 Lies but doesn't back them up with action.

Made false claims about attending the field with their tenants, yet they didn’t pass these concerns to the Police! Why? Is it because they had no safety concerns (more show for the CPS) and in fact met to discuss and concoct a story in their defence.

 Lies but doesn't know photographic evidence proves her a liar.

Made false claims about strands of wire being down of their fencing and that I (why? Proof?) Must have done this! Sam Dunlop doesn’t know I have photographs to show the whole run of their inadequate fencing and that Id walked PC Anne Stevens along it previously!

 Makes threatening calls on a neighbour in an attempt to get support for her story.

Made reference to another neighbour complaining about their field shelter, yet interestingly made no mention at all to the fact that Sam and Matt Dunlop personally visited that elderly neighbour on his doorstep, and also make no mention of the fact that the same neighbour actually witnessed the exchange between me and Rory Ballard, and also made no mention of Rory Ballard making threatening remarks to that neighbour. (Didn’t Sam and Matt have nice tenants – why am I surprised?)

 Admits that her husband even failed in his duty as an officer or neighbour.

Admitted that her husband, PC Matt Dunlop, saw the same neighbour was parked up outside my house that same day and we were talking, yet he didn’t come and see us even though the first people we had called the day of the incident were Sam and Matt Dunlop! … Now why is that? Maybe it’s because we discover the Dunlop’s went to their tenants to create this incredible story rather than any of them admit to being responsible for it!

 Made further accusations but not backed up by her actions.

Repeated claims of threats being made by me, yet not one of them contact the Police? Why? I would have done! If it was true!!!

 Stuck to her lying claims to judges even after its been proven to them. 

Made claims about me (Stan Evans) telling Claire Enfield to ‘keep your nose out you nosey bitch’ when in fact it was my son, who admitted so in his statement and that he did it in response to being teased by Claire Enfield about the death of his horse. Yet Sam Dunlop insist it was me, in the witness statement and in court, even when its explained to her by the barristers that it wasn’t me she continues to claim it is me (this woman not only has no grip on reality – she is obsessed with her view of the world and her version of the truth, even when met with facts). To witness Sam Dunlop wriggling around in front of magistrates after having been proven a liar may have been mildly amusing, but actually it was totally embarrassing and sad.

 Foresaw that her own lies would probably be revealed after she went to far with her story.

Admitted that she contacted the PSD mid way through the incident and said she feared that my partner and I would make trouble for them in future! Now why was this if they are the innocent parties and we are guilty? Is it because she now realises they have told a pack of lies that will (as did happen) come back to haunt them in court!

 Managed a kangaroo court and was finally informed upon in court by a fellow officer.

Admits that she spoke to PC Wield and Rory Ballard in the field. But neglected to say what she said! Its only in court that PC Wield under cross examination admits and states ‘Sam Dunlop said Stan Evans did it!’, this is the final proof we and the judges need in court to see clearly Sam Dunlop, Matt Dunlop and their tenants have concocted an incredible story, with no evidence, but with enough lies to take two innocent people to court in order to cover for their own neglect. This was in my opinion the turning point in court were Sam Dunlop was exposed for the liar and piece of social rubbish that she is! And the seeds of her confession (if we were ever to see one) are right here in her ranting prosecution statement. This incidentally ties in perfectly with my observation in my defence statement that I saw Sam Dunlop speaking with Ballard and the Police for 15~20 minutes before the Police came to arrest me (I must admit, there is something Sam Dunlop can do well, and that’s run a kangaroo court!)

 Lied about her location to attempt to validate her lies.

Made claims she walked back to the house and stood in here driveway and therefore was a witness of other events there! Yet nobody see’s her at any point, she just tells more lies in order to back up here husbands lies (to be published here later). In fact we observe the Police Nissan 4WD does not come back from the field and I today suspect she was in that! Incidentally she was dressed in bright pink on the day, in a sea of blue officers she would have been difficult to miss.

Makes false claims that she and her husband PC Matt Dunlop were both standing in their driveway. Again false, PC Matt Dunlop was in the roadway opposite our old driveway, this is why my son shouted at him, Matt Dunlop was smirking and laughing at my son whilst I was being arrested. If he was in his driveway with his fantasist wife that incident could not have happened!

 Lied about what people said even when Police witnesses were closer and didn't agree.

Made false claims about accusations, my partner Sue, is said to have made, and yet when these words were supposed being said not one of the Police officers surrounding Sue could testify to that being true – yet Sam Dunlop did, supposedly from at least ten times the distance standing in her driveway where nobody saw her – more lies and fantasy made in a prosecution witness statement made many hours after the incidents referred to!

 Insinuated in statement about potential threats being made to serving officers. 

Sam Dunlop writes in her statement: I feel that Matt and I are victimised by Sue and Stan due to the fact we are serving Police officers, everything that doesn’t go their way they take out on us and seek revenge.

This is an interesting persecution statement that we are totally bemused by. First I’d like to know about anything (never mind an insinuated list of things) that hasn’t gone our way, then second Id like to know how we have in fact seeked revenge! Because the way I read that part of the statement from Sam Dunlop is that my partner and I have at some point threatened them! Id really like clarification of that if Sam Dunlop is insinuating or claiming actual seeking of revenge, because that can only be interpreted, by the CPS (as she intended) but also by me and my legal team (for future reference) as my partner and I making threats of revenge for a fictitious thing (that she doesn’t detail – why is that? I can detail her actions!). Insinuating and stating that either I or my partner is or has been making a revenge threat towards a Police officer is a very serious accusation Sam!

I hope you can stand by that claim at the appropriate time with some facts and evidence to hand. Because we both know it isn’t true don’t we! You are an outrageous and dangerous liar and have clearly made an untrue statement that my partner and I have threatened a member of the police! That is how the CPS may have read it and how I do read that, and how my legal representatives will read this.

In my strong opinion, a serving officer with such quick and loose poor command of the English language (unless this is written with intent – then its even worse) should never be allowed to make a statement about any member of the public or be allowed to interpret and summarise a public statement (this is what officers do before the CPS get to read about the incident for the first time), and if Sam Dunlop is totally unfit to make or interpret statements, then what is she doing in the Hampshire Constabulary? Due to Sam Dunlop’s lies plus use and manipulation of the English language it seems very clear to me that Sam Dunlop as a serving policewoman is unfit for purpose.

I think you can see from my summary above (certainly the magistrates saw) that Sam Dunlop’s statement is best usefully served for wrapping fish and chips in. She repeated all this rubbish in court. The problem being for her and others is that when multiple stories are told before and in court, they better all link up and not conflict, or they do get exposed for what they are, stories. (to repeat, no evidence, just opinion told in the form of pages of lies, and I and members of my family are arrested – this is the power a corrupt policewoman has!)

The problem we (all as members of the public) have here is this story is told by a ranting policewoman whose objective isn’t the truth, its prosecution then conviction at all costs. Sam Dunlop should be removed from the Hampshire Constabulary immediately.

As said by me earlier, this statement is all you need to know about the honesty and character of Sam Dunlop. It also raises really serious questions about her Police managers and the PSD inadequate recommendations for her discipline.

The Professional Standards Department summed it up best when they said 'Sam Dunlop failed to meet the minimum standards required from a serving Police officer'

It has been stated since by the PSD that ‘Sam Dunlop’s behaviour and actions have fallen below that expected of a Police officer!

is that it?

Again I challenge Sam Dunlop, the Hampshire Constabulary, the Professional Standards Department, if you question or challenge my statements above lets see your proof, lets deal with facts rather than fantasy from corrupt still serving police officers, lets all see each other in court!

The only people who lost were the poor old taxpayers!

For the record, charges were dismissed and dropped against me and my partner in court and we were also declared not guilty, charges against my son were dropped by the Police before we went to court. It is my strong belief that this statement and that of Sam Dunlop’s husband, PC Matt Dunlop (as police officers) strongly influenced public disorder issues to go to a two day court meeting costing the tax payer thousands, embarrassing the Police, and embarrassing the CPS. This statement was, in my opinion written by someone who knows they have to impress upon the Police and the CPS that the issue before them passes the 51% percent chance of conviction rule.

Sam Dunlop, condemned by her own hand.

Sam Dunlop, liar, fantasist, narcissist, corrupt police officer, morally corrupt worthless individual. These are my claims and opinions based on your actions and your own written words. You are so immensely stupid and of such low intelligence you commit yourself repeatedly with your spiteful malicious words. You have exposed yourself for what you are. But I don’t need to condemn you; your statement (published below for all to see) does that for you.

Why hasn't Sam Dunlop been arrested?

Sam Dunlop has written this complete pack of lies under a signed statement of truth – by that same statement of truth (the basis of honesty and the court system and the control statement for perjury – a very serious offence) Sam Dunlop should be convicted as a member of the public and thrown out of the Police as a member of Hampshire Constabulary.

Now read her statement below - the truth is there in her own hand, her own statement is evidence of her own total dishonesty and continued attempt to pervert the course of justice. It's shocking and disgusting and for Sam Dunlop I believe it's simply normal. Even worse, she is STILL serving as an police sergeant in Hampshire Constabulary.

 a statement full of lies

a statement full of lies

a statement full of lies

a statement full of lies

a statement full of lies