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PS Sam Dunlop and PC Matt Dunlop
proven liars, law manipulators, law evaders, paid for by you!

Introduction - why the behavior of PS Sam Dunlop and PC Matt Dunlop is totally unacceptable.

When are the PSD (the Professional Standards Department) going to actually deal with dishonest Police? We don’t see any action, other than weeks upon weeks of suspension paid for by taxpayers, and operational advice given to the Dunlop’s.  

We have a serving officer, actually classified as a manager, as Samantha / Sam Dunlop is a PS Police Sergeant (formerly a Training Inspector but now thankfully back to Sergeant), someone who has repeatedly lied and been given operational advice still serving in the Hampshire Constabulary! A woman who creates a five page prosecution witness statement where she can barely get past more than three sentences without telling a lie under a signed statement of truth, she lies to the public, her managers, the Crown Prosecution Service, the PSD and the court. A professional compulsive, repetitive and proven liar in a position of Police authority? … humm?  

We have Mathew / Matt Dunlop still serving as a PC (Police Constable) in the traffic division. This same person who has blocked off a public highway (an unmetalled road and track alongside his house to try and claim it for himself), a traffic cop? This same person who has made allegations of theft against neighbours with no evidence, just opinion. Later said by the PSD, that the resulting house search and arrest was unnecessary. Also a repeated proven liar, the Dunlop’s are truly a compatible couple. How can any tax paying member of the public, of whom the PSD state ‘fail to meet the minimum standards expected of a police officer’ still accept these officers are still ‘working’ for us?   How would any member of the public ever arrested, cautioned or even questioned by either of these officers accept a single word from their dishonest mouths? You wouldn’t would you! – and you shouldn’t!

The Dunlop's catalogue of dishonesty

PS Sam Dunlop and PC Matt Dunlop, both serving officers within the Hampshire Constabulary fail to meet the minimum standards expected of a police officer. They have lied (in witness statements to be published here, in court, to other police officers and to the Trading standards authority). They have failed to provide evidence and accept an interview when asked to by Trading Standards when an illegal slaughter of several sheep was carried out on their property. Whilst the itinerant slaughter man involved takes a caution and the owner of the sheep has his house searched the Dunlop hide behind their solicitor and fail to give an interview to another government body. Yes that’s right, the Dunlop’s evade prosecution whilst they are in a position to prosecute members of the public.  

After over two and half years of documented lies we are not surprised by the ongoing dishonestly of the Dunlop’s, we are however shocked that the Dunlop’s seem somewhat protected by the system which is incapable or reluctant to act to remove these pathetic examples from the constabulary. Every single day they remain in their jobs they shame the uniform, image and authority of our excellent police. I have spoken and emailed the PSD and the Police (senior members of the PSD and the most senior members of the constabulary) and informed them that if they don’t manage the Dunlop’s then I will!   This website is just one step to do that, because I believe, not only as someone who has been directly attacked by these people, but as a normal member of the public, that there is no place for paid public servants who fail to meet multiple points of the Police Code of Conduct in the Hampshire Constabulary.

Their activities in total will be exposed here. To-date there has been no justice for victims of the Dunlop’s (us and others) nor has justice been actioned against these corrupt officers.  

This website will be that justice.

If you need to contact me at any point, either to complain, support, provide additional information, or threaten me, please do. I actually welcome legal challenge to this website and information in it. I endeavour to be able to back up any of my allegations and counter allegations. I will publish documents and facts that you can track yourself and I’ll provide you the names of officials outside of this website where you can also go and check or challenge information published here.

If you are ever arrested directly or indirectly due to either of the Dunlop’s then get a solicitor, do not give any interview to the police (do it in court) and get your legal representative to contact me and my legal representatives. We will provide all the character reference you may need regarding these officers. I can provide you with enough evidence to demonstrate that Sam Dunlop and Matt Dunlop are not reliable witnesses! (think about the implications or a working officer that may not even be a reliable witness!). I can demonstrate that the Dunlop's are not honest in a prosecution witness statement, so why can any court consider that a person who has lied under the signed statement of truth is telling the truth at any other time?

The constabulary have no right whatsoever to complain about members of the public not assisting them until they rectify their problems (the Dunlop’s own arrest evasion actions) in their own backyard. Take their example and adopt your right to remain silent if that’s what you think and your solicitors advise. If you have additional information regarding these officers you’d like to share then please do. If you are worried about your anonymity then you can send it to my email address from a newly created Google or Hotmail account if you don’t want to use your own. Either way I will not share my sources, please make sure the source of materials provided can be investigated from our side for validity if possible. Or you can post it to me at my address on the contact web page. 

Who am I?  

My name is Stan Evans; I live at Fieldhouse, Chapel Road, Soberton Heath, Hampshire, SO32 3PP directly opposite the road from Sam and Matt Dunlop’s house. I have been falsely accused of crimes by the Dunlop’s, I have gone to court and been declared not guilty, inaccuracies in police evidence’ (lies) were stated by magistrates. Other accusations against other members of my family were also thrown out in court. Sam Dunlop made allegations that I had altercations with my postman, this was immediately investigated by the PSD (Professional Standards Department), Sam Dunlop was given operational advice for those lies too. Matt Dunlop claimed to the police I stole his camera, again thrown out by the police. Matt Dunlop and Sam Dunlop have carried out a strange persecution and harassment of my family and I for over two years.

We’ve been working with the PSD from Police HQ in Winchester for years, nothing has happened. Sam Dunlop’s previous track record as beat Sergeant in Portchester was met with total disgust by the Portchester Society. Sam Dunlop has made allegations against another Police officer and more recently pressurised my arresting officer who then had to turn to her inspector for protection. In summary I am a victim of the Dunlop’s and lack of Police action.  

I’m also honest, served as a long term company director of a major international company, in that role I have obeyed and signed up to the most rigorous official secrets legislation in the UK and the USA. I have never been convicted of anything before (not even a speeding ticket!) and I’m mad as hell that honest people in Britain can be criminalised (Alex Marshall head of Hampshire constabulary still refuses to remove my DNA from the ‘criminal’ database) whilst corrupt police like Inspector Sam Dunlop and PC Matt Dunlop actively evade the law they themselves are supposedly maintaining!  

I’m also mad as hell that Hampshire Constabulary by default takes the word of another Police colleagues (whether they make it as a serving officer or from their civilian standing) as being the truth. This has backfired on them a few times now and I hope they’ve learnt something from believing and protecting their own. However the constabulary and the PSD are not blameless! How many people out there have been wronged and not have the resourced to defend themselves in court of in public? How many people have been victim of the policy which takes someone's lying word as evidence (evidence!?) been arrested and had to defend themselves against a liar? The Police operate a 'shoot first, ask questions later' policy.

The system is broken – its simply wrong. Innocent members of the public are victims. Over 850 thousand innocent people are currently held on the criminal DNA database in the UK, (40 thousand are children!). The previous government went against the European courts who said innocent people should have any taken DNA destroyed immediately; the current government has still not corrected that. The power of decision is currently with Chief Constables, and they cant or wont make decisions. Many innocent people’s data is held due to miscarriages of justice such as I intend to expose here. Yes, the system and corrupt officers such as the Dunlop’s take full advantage of that. I will also take full advantage of the freedom of expression and freedom of information laws and right a few wrongs. It does however not correct that fact that the system is broken. (want to protect innocent peoples DNA? Sign the petition here ... you could be next!)  

I will never back off from my defence by publication and media actions. I will ensure my reputation is maintained (Matt Dunlop admitted in court when he was recalled to the dock after first denying it, that ‘yes’ he did inform several; members of the village that I live in an ‘friends’ inside the constabulary) and that in some way justice, real justice, is done.   At no point in time will I intentionally break the law. I respect the law and the police. I support the police and PSD in their work. I will however, without apology, openly inform everyone via this website, other websites, via direct communication, and via legal activities. I am and will continue to take action via the Independent Police Complaints Commission. But open communication activities will now no longer be delayed as they were previously with respect to ongoing PSD activities which I consider now exhausted and mostly ineffective.  

To Alex Marshall (Hampshire Constabulary Chief Constable), keep my DNA, but please don’t expect that every member of the public who’s been a victim of Police corruption will quietly go away. You refuse to look at the details and understand that the retention of my DNA easily falls under the ‘exceptional circumstances’ rules. So as you continue to criminalise me you force me to continue to shout and publish my innocence here and elsewhere.  

To the Dunlop’s solicitors. If you don’t like any of the content of this website now and in the future then please let me know. We’ll have an interesting discussion in court at the relevant date about the freedom of information and expression laws vs. any claims of harassment (of which your clients are experts). See you in court! … Happily!  

To the Dunlop’s. You can run but you cant hide from justice. You can evade prosecution by refusing to give evidence when requested by a government body, but you wont evade me. You can lie in a prosecution witness statement and I’ll simply publish it with evidence to expose your lies. You can fool the CPS, the PSD, your managers, the Police and your friends, but you cant fool all of the people all of the time. Your time has now come! Enjoy this website.  

Let me take this opportunity to offer an open thanks to our many supporters.   Please contact me via the email address if you’d like to be kept up to date with regular updates.  

Yours, Stan Evans   Stan Evans Fieldhouse, Chapel Road, Soberton Heath, Hampshire, SO32 3PP Contact me at: Website author of:

All documentation relating to cases referred and claims made by me will be published here and at other websites, this information is scanned and held on secure remote servers, copies will be available shortly for you to download, I will also provide links to officials involved and referred to – I think its only fair, right and proper that you should see facts and evidence and make your own minds up. I’m exceptionally happy to let the public judge me and others. As I have informed the police several time and as the courts have seen themselves – I deal with facts and the truth. I will happily also correct any mistakes should they be revealed to me at any point.