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PS Sam Dunlop and PC Matt Dunlop
proven liars, law manipulators, law evaders, paid for by you!

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Sergeant Sam Dunlop and PC Matt Dunlop - the facts and evidence, all available online.

corrupt police in Hampshire

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Are Hampshire Constabulary part of the corrupted food-chain horsemeat problem?

There is good reason to believe that Hampshire Constabulary are complicit with the 'front-page of the news' issues we see now regarding horsemeat being sold as beef on many of our supermarket products. Hampshire Police know that their own police officers were involved in illegal animal slaughter in their own premises. The local environmental food agency was greatly concerned as illegally slaughtered meat enters the food chain with possible infected spinal tissue or other health issues. These Hampshire officers refused to answer questions to the environmental agency investigation officers. Senior Police in Hampshire Constabulary know all about this and have done nothing. Hampshire PSD did nothing, the IPCC, as usual, were powerless as they elected, again, to let local PSD 'investigate' their own - with the obvious outcome.

Justice inside the Police vs. public health? I'm afraid yet again, protective practices win the day, corrupt officers walk free and are in fact part of the dirty food-chain problem and not, as we would expect, part of the solution protecting us. Read more here ...

Chief Constable Alex Marshall of Hampshire Constabulary or Chief Constable Lynne Owens of Surrey Police please explain to us how Sergeant Samantha Dunlop of Hampshire Constabulary and Inspector Pauline Pilkington of Surrey Police are not guilty of perjury.

more information here ...

This is why we publish a website about corrupt Police.

PS Sam Dunlop and PC Matt Dunlop, both serving police officers with Hampshire Constabulary have harassed their neighbours, us! made false allegations, interfered with legal cases, tried to create then influence prosecutions, with-held information from another government body to hide their own guilt – the list goes on. These officers have provided their opinions (proven lies) to neighbours in the village we live, Soberton Heath in Hampshire, and within the constabulary.   We have the full facts and details which will be published here. The Dunlop’s deal with lies and opinions, we deal with facts and the truth. This will be shown with the publication of documentation and links to officials involved (so you can check yourself) at this website and at other mirror websites.  

The PSD and their management will not take action as its ‘not in the public interest’, as a citizen and long term taxpayer (we pay for good police!) with friends in the police I say it is in the public interest.

I say there is no place for corrupt officers in our constabulary. Any supporter of the Police, as I am, would support my stance on this. It would be negligent of me not to publish, especially as thousands of Police jobs are at risk due to government cutbacks.

The truth will be published here in the form of facts, you can then draw your own conclusions.  

I am the Dunlop’s neighbour, my family and I have suffered harassment from these officers for over two years. We have spent many hours working with the Professional Standards Department and the Police on all these issues.   The system does not support or expose the truth when it suits it.  

One recourse to justice is to publish the truth alongside ongoing communication with the Independent Police Complaints Commission and the Professional Standards Department. This will now happen. We also publish for our own physical and social protection.

But actually it really comes down to simple justice!

We have a system in Britain where a complete stranger can make an accusation against you and the Police call that accusation ‘evidence’? The person who makes the accusation becomes the prosecution and you become the defence. You then have to prove your innocence. This is the total reverse of how we were all taught in school that we are innocent until proven guilty. In real life it's not quite like that. The Police are operating a ‘shoot first then ask questions later policy’!

Now this wouldn’t be so bad if those making false accusations were then brought to justice for doing so. But again that doesn’t happen. A prosecution witness has to sign a legal clause at the top of a Police statement that everything they say is the truth, this is called the ‘statement of truth’, and it informs the person making the statement that they are liable to prosecution and arrest if they are lying! … But the Police and Crown Prosecution Service do nothing! Now why is that? I believe its because when it comes to that stage the CPS have proven they made a massively wrong decision taking that particular case to court!  In the situation where those making accusations against you are in fact off-duty Police officers you can imagine what chance you stand of firstly not being arrested for their false accusations then second not seeing justice even when it's proven they lied under the statement of truth.

This is the situation we found ourselves in. I had never been involved, or even interested in how the law and the system works in Britain. But I am now. I was actually shocked when even limited investigations revealed substantial and ongoing dishonesty and crime committed by serving Police officers, and I was even more shocked to discover the protectionist practices operated by their managers and the system in general. It's exceptionally rare to see a dishonest policeman fired, even when it gets close to that most will resign to retain their pension that could be lost if they are prosecuted. And the standard action for dishonest cops, whilst the PSD fiddle in the background making excuses, is to be on full paid suspension or to sign off sick (with stress) on full pay. 

I didn't think this was fair to us as taxpayers supporting these public servants or to the vast majority of policemen and policewomen, who are simply honest coppers doing a great job in difficult circumstances.

So I decided to publish.  

I have been genuinely surprised at the positive feedback to this website and encouraged to continue publishing, thankyou.

 thankyou for taking the time to visit this website, kind regards, S.Evans

If you have any questions regarding this website or have any information regarding these officers that may be of interest to me please email The 'Introduction' link at the head of this page will give you a fuller idea regarding the intent and justification for this website. All legal challenges are welcome to this and future content, this website is written and all attached documents are published with this in-mind. Please contact me at any time, my details are on the Contact page. This is not one of those mud-slinging websites created by a bitter and hidden webmaster. In addition to many hours of face to face meetings I have pro-actively provided senior Police in Hampshire, the CPS, the IPCC and local community Police with details of my websites relating to this subject, my private email address's, home and mobile telephone numbers, and I will continue to do so. Please note that all documents published here and emailed to interested parties are in my legal possession and not copyrighted to anyone other than me. They are mine to publish legally openly at my discretion, additionally I make them available upon request to legitimate media organisations. If you need to contact Hampshire Police directly, their website contact page is here

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